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How can you expect your family and friends to understand your priorities and plans for the future without a roadmap you are willing to share with all?

It is difficult enough for people to articulate their plans and another hurdle to be understood and recognized. 
I recognized this need when trying to honor my mother’s wishes for her life, death, and her estate. Unfortunately, when she could have clearly communicated her life wishes, she did not make a plan and share it with her family. We had to guess where everything was. 
The Lavender Plan grows out of this need for discussion, exploration, and planning. 
I’m Elise Mackevich Salchli, President. I created The Lavender Plan.

I will listen to you, elicit your priorities and create a Lavender Plan for you. This will you be your transparent communication tool to share how you want to live your life and your plans for the future.

Elise Mackevich Salchli, Principal

I am a veteran non-profit executive, I have advanced the missions and visions of cultural institutions for more than three decades: Partnering with board members, staff and other leaders; starting up projects to care and nurture programs into independent world-class organizations; and understanding when an organization's mission can serve more constituents by sharing its assets and closing down. Recognized for my compassion and dedication, I have helped institutions, organizations, and people to reach their aspirations. I have been a stabilizer, safe keeper, and a provocateur. I have extensive experience in various aspects of nonprofit management, particularly in the areas of organizational life cycle, operations, senior management, human resources, and budget management. Throughout my career, I work with cultural institutions, supporting their missions and visions, and ensuring their stability and growth. I have expertise in these areas: Organizational Life Cycle: I have a deep understanding of the different stages of an organization's life cycle, from startup to maturity. I have successfully navigated the challenges and opportunities associated with each stage, including strategic planning, resource allocation, and managing growth. Operations: I am skilled in overseeing the day-to-day operations of cultural institutions. This includes managing facilities, coordinating events and programs, and ensuring efficient and effective use of resources. She understands the importance of operational excellence in achieving an organization's goals. Senior Management: As a veteran nonprofit executive, I have held senior management positions, where I have provided leadership and strategic direction. I have collaborated with board members, staff, and other leaders to drive organizational success and foster a culture of teamwork and innovation. Human Resources: I recognize the value of a strong and motivated team. I have experience in hiring, training, and developing staff members, as well as creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. I understand how to align human resources with an organization's mission and goals. Budget Management: Financial stewardship is crucial in the nonprofit sector, and I have a proven track record in budget management. I have experience in developing and implementing budgets, monitoring financial performance, and making informed decisions to ensure fiscal sustainability. In addition to my expertise in these areas, I am known for my compassion and dedication to helping others. I have cultivated long-term relationships with stakeholders and have contributed to enriching the arts and cultural landscape through my work.

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