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More than 90% of people understand the importance of discussing end-of-life care, but fewer than a third have actually done so. Three out of four people may be unable to make medical decisions for themselves. People may not be living as they wish or dying according to their preferences, causing regret, uncertainty, and guilt.

Now is your chance to share your priorities through your Lavender Plan!

While discussing life priorities, end-of-life choices, and managing unexpected situations can be challenging, it's better to have these conversations now instead of leaving your family and friends to make decisions for you during a medical crisis. These discussions can become increasingly difficult as time goes on, so it's best to have them while you still have full cognitive abilities. Nevertheless, they are crucial in determining what is important to us in life, how we handle unexpected challenges, and what kind of medical care we want. By having these conversations now and empowering others, we can reduce stress for everyone involved and ensure that our family and friends know our priorities and wishes.


Therefore, it's important to ensure that your Power of Attorney for Health Care knows your general thoughts regarding your healthcare wishes. The Lavender Plan can help you communicate your priorities with your loved ones, ensuring that they know how you want to live and how you want to be cared for.


Sharing your plans is not only about you, but also about your family. Having plans and communicating your desires can help reduce anxiety around aging. Your loved ones won't have to guess what you would want or argue with other family members over difficult decisions if you share a clear picture of your wishes now.


The Lavender Plan can help you communicate your wishes or help you develop your priorities if you're unsure about them. You can let your family and friends know your wishes so they know how to prioritize their time with you.


Pick a Power of Attorney for Health Care and share your healthcare wishes. Pick a Power of Attorney for Property so that you don't have added administrative burdens, and you have made it convenient.


If you have a roadmap showing that you have plans in place for your healthcare and your finances are in order and prioritized, this will allow others to be added benefits for you rather than meddlesome pests. It will be easier for people to check in, see where you are on the map, and take the appropriate turns. Otherwise, your family and friends might spend the time and energy they have with you on things that don't matter to you and, in fact, might make you miserable.


The Lavender Plan will help you communicate how you want to live and your plans for doing so.


Let your family and friends know your wishes and priorities so that they can prioritize their time with you.


For instance, if you enjoy watching a Bears game and rooting for the underdog with friends and family, your loved ones can prioritize their time to visit during the game. Hosting family dinners thrills you and gives you happy energy for the week, but perhaps the part of setting the table and cooking is too much for you now. Suggest one son come set the table and your good friend Mable order in from Maggianos. Or think about tea on Sunday afternoon instead of doing nothing.


If you're a music teacher and have always gotten joy from teaching your young students, perhaps keeping a full roster of students is too much, but your family can help you schedule a few students a week at good times of the day for you at your home.


If you want to stay in your home and age in place, you don't want your daughters to make plans for you to live in a retirement community. The Lavender Plan can help you communicate your priorities and how you want to live, even if you want to age in place and stay in your home. Your family and loved ones will know your wishes for acute medical care, palliative care, or hospice care on a daily basis.


If you fear your brothers want you to move near them to a state you do not like, how can you make them know you do not want them to feel responsible for you? The Lavender Plan can help you communicate that you have made other arrangements for yourself and hope your brothers visit you in your state.


Suppose you have a blended family and there is a death. In that case, you want Fido to stay in their current home no matter what and have provided ten years of auto-ship food and finances for all of Fido's other needs. How can you let your families know? Through your Lavender Plan.


If you're super excited to move to Madagascar and volunteer with the Peace Corps and have organized but not told your family, you don't want anyone to feel guilty for you or to feel that you should be doing something else and making other plans for you. You can send a formal letter of excitement sharing your plans through your Lavender Plan.


The Lavender Plan will help you communicate your wishes and priorities so that you can live the life you want, and your loved ones will support your choices. 

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